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Retirement Income: A Contemporary Harvest


Traditionally, fall was a time for preparing for the future; crops were harvested, foods were preserved, and households were stocked for the coming winter. Nowadays, the season isn’t likely to evoke the same sense of urgency. Nevertheless, this fall the library is ready to help you plan for a different forthcoming situation: retirement. Whether you’re hoping to retire sooner or later, it’s a good idea to consider how to make the most of your money. Here at the Ruth E. Dickinson branch, we’re hosting a program entitled Improving Income in Retirement, where presenter Elie Fakhouri (Chartered Financial Analyst) will discuss information and strategies that can help you maximize your retirement income. Doing your research now can help you enjoy the fruits of your financial harvest in the future, so register to join in on this helpful presentation. And if you’re keen to think about your retirement even sooner, check out the resources below.

Retirement and Income by Amy_library_biblio

Resources for planning to make the most of your income when you retire.