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Review: Battle Royale by Koushun Takami


Hey everyone! This is Laura, your new Teen Blogger in Residence. Since you’ll be stuck with me for the next few months, I’d say that it’s only fair that we become a little more acquainted. To start off, I’m a grade 10 student with irrational dreams and an overstocked bookshelf. I’d like to say that I’m a physically active person, but unfortunately, Netflix and nine seasons of Doctor Who that need catching up on have stolen my priorities. I do have the time to fit swimming in my weekly schedule, however; in fact, I’m actually training to become a certified lifeguard and swimming instructor. I have an extreme fetish for music (MCR, anyone?) and play the piano and the drums. Of course, I’m also an avid reader. The genres that I read range a great degree, from science fiction, thrillers and mysteries to the traditional classics. With that said, I’m super excited to write for the blog. I can’t wait to share my favourite reads with y’all!

Here's my first review!

We often get too caught up in the action of a book. Its threads of perplexing questions and indisputable drama usually entangles us into a thick cage, making us oblivious to the main motif of the story. Stories that make you think about the deeper meaning behind it are personally my favourite kinds of books, as it adds more complexity and realism to the plots and characters.

You could say I’m kind of a self-proclaimed philosopher. :)

I guess that’s why I enjoyed Battle Royale so much.

The story is simple: A class of high school students are put onto an isolated island, where they are forced to fight to the death for “research purposes”. While the plot is easy and straightforward, the depths of morality that this book goes into is even more horrifically fascinating. Each character has their own motivation to win, whether it’s for fame or the mere prize of living.

What really sets this book apart for me is the twisted fact that these students are classmates, and have known each other for at least a year. As the time ticks on, the brutal reality sets in, showing a raw side of how the bonds of trust and friendship can be severed when survival is at risk.

With a perfect dose of suspense, Takami’s novel shows the frightening consequences that can occur when you’re hanging at the brink of death.

I especially recommend this book to all Hunger Games fans. Trust me, it’s worth the read!

Ottawa Public Library’s Teen Bloggers in Residence are fantastic teen volunteer writers from across the city. They blog about their favourite teen reads and authors, and get writing assignments to cover special teen events happening at the library. Their residency rotates throughout the year. Call-outs for upcoming terms are made through the Teen Blog in May/June, September/October and January/February.

Image: Battle Royale

Battle Royale

The Novel
By Takami, Koushun