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Review: Just Another Girl by Elizabeth Eulberg


As a fan of YA contemporary books, Elizabeth Eulberg is one of my favourite authors in the genre. Her books are genuine and wholesome and I have enjoyed each and every YA novel she has come out with, my favourite being Revenge Of The Girl With The Great Personality. I just finished her latest book, Just Another Girl and thought I would share my thoughts about it.


Just Another Girl tells the traditional love-triangle story in a non-traditional way. The story centres around Hope, Parker and Brady, the three teenagers narrating their own parts around the book. Hope is Brady’s lifelong best friend, Brady is Hope’s crush and Parker is Brady’s girlfriend. Yikes. Hope thinks Parker has the perfect life, with the perfect boyfriend, perfect body and fast metabolism, but everything isn’t always as it seems.


I really enjoyed this book. I couldn’t put it down and I read it fairly quickly. It was an easy read, perfect for anyone who likes the genre but doesn’t seem to have a ton of time for reading. What I really enjoyed about the book was how it was told in different character’s perspectives, so that the reader always had the whole story, unlike some of the characters. I also liked how the characters and the story were realistic. It wasn’t a far-fetched storyline that is unlikely to ever happen to anyone, but something that could be happening to teenagers in communities everywhere. The characters were relatable and were going through common (and fairly less common) situations that can happen to any teenager, making it the perfect read for teens everywhere.


Overall, I enjoyed Elizabeth Eulberg’s Just Another Girl, just as I enjoyed the rest of her books. I would give this book stars and recommend it to anyone looking for a quick, fun and relatable read.


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