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Saints & Misfits by S.K Ali


Posted on behalf of Carlingwood branch Teen Advisory Group (TAG) member Bella Crysler.  Picture taken of Farhiya Hassan who finally found a book character that looks like her. 






In preparation for Teen Author Fest taking place last Saturday, October 1st at the Main branch, I read Saints & Misfits by featured author S.K Ali. This book tells the story of        Muslim teen, Janna Yusuf, who is smart, snarky, and even a little bit hipster. Following Janna through her final weeks of the school year, and the whirlwind of struggles and triumphs she goes through. Regardless of religion and race, Janna is just another average teenager like you and me. She gets frustrated by her family when they invade her personal space, and she worries about school. She is conflicted and confused about the boys she crushes on, and feels the pressures as well as witnesses the cruelty of the high school social scene. An impressive variety of issues that teenagers, and Muslim teenagers specifically, face growing up are covered in Saints & Misfits. Bullying, religion, love, school pressures, and sexual assault are just a few of the problems this book tackles with refreshing insight. Janna’s story will have you laughing on one page, and frowning with worry on the next. You may even find yourself muttering “ugh, relatable…” under your breath as you eagerly flip onwards.      

 There is no way to “lose” in reading Saints & Misfits. Those who are not used to reading a book with Muslim protagonist, and are Muslim, may appreciate having characters they can relate to in ways they can’t with other books. Readers who know little or nothing about Muslim religion will learn more about a beautiful culture and how it coexists and overlaps with their own. This book highlights the wonderful differences of the Muslim religion, as well as the universal similarities of human kind. I wish there were more books like Saints & Misfits around, because the diversity of characters was engaging, exciting, and helped open my mind a little wider to the world around me.

Image: Saints and Misfits

Saints and Misfits

By Ali, S. K.


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