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Science Literacy Week


September 21 to 27, 2020, the Ottawa Public Library (OPL) will once again host a series of programs during this year’s Science Literacy Week, a nationwide celebration of science in Canada. Across Canada, libraries, universities, museums and other partners offer a diverse range of activities and programs to enrich science culture and enhance understanding of the world around us. OPL invites kids and adults to virtual programs that celebrate science, engineering, technology in engaging ways. Many of the programs will focus on this year’s theme of biodiversity.

We’ve got lots to offer all of the scientists in your life! Here’s a list of the amazing programs for the 2020 Science Literacy Week at OPL, all tying in the theme of biodiversity:

For Children:

  • Too often we take for granted the interesting wildlife we share our spaces with. The Ottawa-Carleton Wildlife Centre will give a presentation that looks at some of the mammals that live in the Ottawa area. Geared at ages 7-12 but interesting for the whole family.
  • University of Ottawa’s Maker Mobile will present Wild World (separate workshops in French and English). This workshop introduces children  in Grades 1-5 to biology. It will use an online program to code a virtual Beebot to learn more about animals living in different ecosystems and the life cycles.
  • Let's Talk Science will take us through three fun hands-on activities using mostly paper and tape and relate these to biodiversity. These activities would suit Grade 1-4 age children (bilingual program).
  • Grades 5-9 will be coding with Scratch in Zootopia: Code a District. They will learn about ecosystems on our planet and will create and code their own!

For adults:

  • Naomi Cappuccino, Associate Professor at the University of Ottawa  discusses backyard biodiversity and how to provide a habitat for pollinators, caterpillars and other creatures. This lunch-hour talk will draw a crowd.
  • Peter Soroye’s talk “A Hitchiker’s Guide to Saving the Bees (and planet)” will cover climate change and it’s impact on habitat loss and extinction in species. Join Peter at 7PM on Wednesday, September 23 to find out how you can help save the bees and planet.

For more science literacy books and resources, check out this selection of titles in the library collection here.

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