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Season 3 of Bad Movie Nights

green eyes and hands, motioning to grab something towards the frame, spiral waves, dark backdrop

Apr 13, 2023

It's been a long time coming, but season 3 of Ottawa Bad Movie Nights is finally upon us and we're pleased to bring you a third season of bad movie nights. The first season was bad...but good. The second season was equally as bad...but potentially even gooder...but also just recently finished...we don't know how to explain it to you other than there were necessary worldwide delays.

On May 4th, we will be launching the season with Xanadu at 5:30PM in the Main branch auditorium. Artist Sonny Malone spends most of his time designing album covers. He becomes obsessed with Kira, a mysterious woman photographed on one of his assignments. No one seems to know who she is He eventually finds her and learns that she's a magical, ageless Greek muse. Kira encourages him to team up with Danny, former orchestra leader turned construction mogul, to start a roller-skating disco. Sounds good? Come check it matter how you feel about that description.

Currently Bad Movie Nights screenings are every first Thursday of the month (we'll let you know if something changes) and also feature trailers and short films before the main feature. This season hopes to bring thrills, chills and holiday sharks.

All events are free to attend. Check back here to keep up with Bad Movie Nights and other film screenings at the Main branch.

Author's note: There are no bad movies because everything has value...but you might think it's bad. So join us for these A (Bad) Night at the Movies.