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Seeing the Internet


On Monday, May 7th we welcomed photographer and Executive Director of the Internet Society - New York Chapter, Shuli Hallak to the capital for an event called Seeing the Internet. Those in attendance were treated to stunning photos of internet infrastructure as well as a discussion concerning internet security, privacy, and challenges we face moving forward.

During the presentation, Shuli Hallak recommended some additional resources that we’d like to share:

MyShadow.Org to help you control your data traces;

Electronic Frontier Foundation so you can read about online privacy issues;

The Electronic Frontier Foundation again with some recommended tools;

And the Internet Society’s page on the internet so you can understand the internet and its history.


Image: The Cyber Attack Survival Manual

The Cyber Attack Survival Manual

Tools for Surviving Everything From Identity Theft to the Digital Apocalypse
By Selby, Nick
Image: Think Before You Like

Think Before You Like

Social Media's Effect on the Brain and the Tools You Need to Navigate your Newsfeed
By Harrison, Guy P.
Image: Branchés et futés

Branchés et futés

Internet et vie privée
By Slutsky, Mark