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By Michael Morpurgo


On the eve of his deportation from England, a young Afghan boy recounts his harrowing tale of escape from persecution in his home country. Protected by his mother and guided by a lost dog, this child of eight witnesses horrors that most of us only read about.  We often hear about stories of refugees in the news, and some of us may have experienced such grief first hand, but most of us can’t even imagine it.


In this wonderful tale by Michael Morpurgo, a child forms lasting friendships with humans and animals alike as he faces the most difficult moments of his young life.  Told with sympathy and humanity, this story is written in a child’s voice, not shying away from the realities of war and human trafficking.  


Unlike the imaginary monsters and demons of popular fiction, this book is full of true horrors and real life predators.  As this boy shares his memories with the narrator, we can know a little of what it means to run for your life with only the clothes on your back.


Morpurgo is a sophisticated writer who addresses a complex and mature theme with great respect.  He honours both his characters and their tale of tribulation in this wonderful account.  I highly recommend it, although it may be too much for some young readers.

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