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Sharing Green


Your health is affected by the environment. After I picking up Jessica Alba's The Honest Life, I found myself realizing that there are so many things we use that could be harmful to our bodies. Using green products can make you healthier as well as the environment. In this book, Alba shares her family recipes for clean-eating (eating organic and avoiding pesticides) as well as eco-friendly tips for home decor, makeup and baby products. She aims to help the reader create a safe and healthy environment for their family as she has.

If you are looking for other health behaviour books like this, I recommend checking out Relish and Easy Green Living.

Also, if you're trying to explain Earth Day and environmentalism to your children, the following books in the list below have ideas to try as a family and information that will no doubt spark discussion.

Image: You Are the Earth

You Are the Earth

Know your World So You Can Help Make It Better
By Suzuki, David
Image: Picture A Tree

Picture A Tree

By Reid, Barbara