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Showing Gratitude - Library Month

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Oct 20, 2020

 How often do we say thank you throughout our day?  

Many of us do it automatically - a reaction to someone answering our question, handing us our coffee in the drive-thru, or helping us check out at the grocery store. We say it so quickly, so many times a day, that rarely do we stop and think about the reason we are saying thank you.  

This October, for Library Month, the Ottawa Public Library is focusing on kindness - and an easy way to cultivate kindness is to show gratitude for the kindness of others.  

Saying thank you is a great start. Saying thank you and sharing the reason whyis even better! 

Last week, after greeting a customer as she entered the library, she responded by saying “thank you for being here so I can get my books – I’m so excited to be back!” I was surprised at first by how much impact her thank you had. Those extra words really made a difference. By telling me why she felt grateful, I could share her experience, and begin a conversation. I felt encouraged by her thoughtfulness - and it inspired me to try it myself when thanking others. 

Showing our gratitude helps us focus on the positive things we experience, no matter how small. It can have positive effects on our mood, our health and our relationships with others. Sharing gratitude with someone else can give both individuals a happiness boost. 

This month,let’s challenge ourselves to reflect on what makes us grateful, and share our gratitude with others. Instead of just saying “thank you,” let’s try saying “thank you for…” Take a moment to think about what we are grateful for and then share it with someone else. It can make everyone feel a little bit better. 

Blog contributed by Jennifer A. from the Beaverbrook branch

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