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Spoon Fed


Some books are like finding an undiscovered gem.  They may not be on top of the bestsellers list or part of every book club.   Finding these books makes their reading that much more enjoyable. 

SpoonFed by the Spoons frontman, Gord Deppe, would certainly fall in the category of undiscovered gem.  The Spoons were a Canadian New Wave band that had chart success in the 1980’s.  People might remember hits like Old Emotions and Romantic Traffic.  Their videos were featured prominently on MuchMusic.

Deppe poetically tells the story of how he was a shy and awkward child who had an early love of music.  This passion for music would lead Deppe into being a part of a few bands in his high school years.  He would eventually go on to form the Spoons with high school classmate, Sandy Horne. 

The band quickly became noticed and was on the forefront of the New Wave music movement in Canada.  They recorded a number of chart-topping albums.  I enjoyed Deppe’s recollection of touring with bands like Culture Club and Simple Minds.  He does not tell the story of a pop star who indulges in every excess but more like an astute observer who sits in the corner at a party.  Deppe is also not prone to grandiose boasts about his own ability or fame.  It seems like he did not seek out or particularly enjoy the limelight.  It was a by-product of the band’s success.

Deppe writes candidly about the band’s successes and failures.  His writing style is casual but profound at the same time. 

The Spoons have reformed and are touring extensively with no sign of slowing down. 




Image: SpoonFed


My Life With the Spoons
By Deppe, Gordon

Collectible Spoons

By Spoons (Musical group)

Static in Transmission

By Spoons (Musical group)