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Spring is in the Air and on the Field!


You may be already getting out your running shoes and ready to lace up for your favourite spring/summer sports. Here are a few sports-inspired novels to start your season off right.
The Running Dream The Running Dream – You don’t need to be a runner to appreciate the frustration that Jessica feels when she loses a leg in a car accident. Jessica soon befriends a girl with cereberal palsy and finds the courage to pursue her running dreams.







First DescentFirst Descent - If adventure sports and travel are your thing, you’ll love this book about a kayaker named Rex who takes his passion to new limits on a Columbian river. However, he soon learns that the waters are not the danger with guerrillas and paramilitary presence around him.





Shut Out Shut Out –If you’re in your late teens you’ll love this modern-day retelling of the Greek Aristophanes’ Lysistrata.  Thus book is a battle of the sexes between the girls’ soccer team and the boys’ football team.







The Berlin Boxing ClubThe Berlin Boxing Club – This historical fiction novel about the Holocaust shows Karl learning from champion boxer Max Schmeling. When life in Germany takes a turn for the worst, Max must step out of the ring and protect his family in this coming-of-age story.







Dairy Queen Dairy Queen – DJ trains a rival school’s quarterback long enough to realize she’s good enough to play on her own school’s team.  Between sports and farming, she also finds a little romance.







Derby Girl Derby Girl – Are you a Derby Girl or a fan of the movie, Whip It ? If so, you’ll love this story of the rebellious Bliss who joins a roller derby team despite her mother’s dream that she’ll be a beauty pageant queen.







The Big Game of Everything The Big Game of Everything – Jock’s family is odd and hilarious and will delight readers. Working at your grandfather’s golf club one summer might be fun – if it weren’t for working with your younger brother.







Hoops Hoops – Coach Cal knows Lonnie is star on his high school’s basketball team, but fears Lonnie will miss his shot at becoming a pro-basketball player.  Will Lonnie shoot for his dreams?







Game Changer Game Changer – Sports novel meets science fiction in this book about a softball star who blacks out during a championship game. KT wakes up in a world where academics and sports have switched roles and as an athlete she’s now unpopular. As Katie tries to return back to her old world, she starts to see that world through new eyes.






Check out these books and you'll score big points!