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Stages and Pages: Kiinalik : These Sharp tools


Stages and Pages is an ongoing partnership created between the Ottawa Public Library (OPL) and the Great Canadian Theatre Company (GCTC).  Visit Stages and Pages for details of the partnership and scroll down to link to a list of Titles to Explore for each play in the 2019-2020 season.  These titles are gathered by a team of OPL Librarians for you, the playgoer.  Borrow these titles and further explore the thought-provoking themes of the plays. 


The play Kiinalik: These Sharp Tools will surely make you question your view of this world. Like a confrontation between the North and the South, Inuk artist Laakkuluk Williamson Bathory and queer theatre-maker Evalyn Parry talk and sing to each other and explore the differences in their worlds. The two powerful storytellers also explore, with the audience, the theme of reconciliation.


I encourage everyone to read reviews by Stephanie Green and Steven Fraser.


Experience this play at the GCTC from January 22 to February 9, 2020.


Check out these fictional and non-fiction titles to further explore some of the issues and themes suggested in this play.



GCTC 2019-2020: Kiinalik: These Sharp Tools by Vlabo036

As part of the Ottawa Public Library's “Stages and Pages” partnership with the Great Canadian Theatre Company, we have compiled this list to accompany the production of Kiinalik: These Sharp Tools, which opens at the GCTC on January 22, 2020

  • Image: Split Tooth
    Inspired by the life of Tanya, this book shows the life a young girl growing up in the Arctic in a very poetic way but also in a harsh way; showing the difference between the good and the bad, the animals and the humans, the truth and the imagination.
  • Image: The Right to Be Cold

    The Right to Be Cold

    One Woman's Story of Protecting Her Culture, the Arctic, and the Whole Planet
    By Watt-Cloutier, Sheila
    Passionate voice for the Inuit people, Sheila Watt-Cloutier is a political activist on climate change. These changes are now threatening her culture and ultimately everyone in this world.
  • Image: I Am Inuit

    I Am Inuit

    By Adams, Brian
    Follow the step of Alaskan photographer Brian Adams in his second book documenting Inuit life in Arctic communities. See the changes, adaption and resilience through the residents’ stories. Appreciate how the photographer is dismantling stereotypes and misperceptions.
  • Image: Reawakening Our Ancestors' Lines

    Reawakening Our Ancestors' Lines

    Revitalizing Inuit Traditional Tattooing = Atuffaalirniq Hivunipta Kakiniinnik
    By Johnston, Angela Hovak
    The Inuit art of tattooing is important for many Inuit women and almost died out with the rise of missionaries and residential schools. Collected in this book are beautiful photos and stories that reawaken ancestors’ lines and share the knowledge of this traditional art.
  • Image: Inuusiq


    By Jerry Cans (Musical group)
    Listen to the intriguing songs of the Arctic; a nice mix of traditional Inuit throat singing with a folk twist.
  • Image: Inuit Worldviews

    Inuit Worldviews

    An Introduction
    By Nakasuk, Saullu
    Through the voices of Inuit elders, this book presents traditional stories, songs and essays from elders interviewed in Inuktitut by the Iqaluit campus of Nunavut Arctic College. This is a good introduction into the world of oral transmission of knowledge.
  • Image: This Place

    This Place

    150 Years Retold
    An anthology of ten stories, this graphic novel retells Canada’s history since Confederation through the lens of indigenous people. One chapter was created by famous Inuit couple Rachel and Sean Qitsualik-Tinsley.
  • Image: Canadian Geographic Indigenous Peoples Atlas of Canada

    Canadian Geographic Indigenous Peoples Atlas of Canada

    Inuit = Canadian Geographic Atlas Des Peuples Autochtones Du Canada
    The Royal Canadian Geographical Society’s four-volume atlas has one volume specifically dedicated to Inuit people. It explores different themes and answers questions with maps, artwork, history and culture.
  • Image: Retribution
    Experimental vocalist and artist, Tanya Tagaq is one of the most renowned throat signers in the world. If you have the chance, go see her show!
  • Image: Pocket Inuktitut

    Pocket Inuktitut

    A Phrasebook for Nearly All Occasions
    By Peet, Martha
    This guide is organized into everyday conversation and contains information regarding pronunciation, writing systems and grammar. Recommended for anyone working with Inuit speakers or interested in the Inuktitut language.