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Steamy and Smart: Courtney Milan’s The Brothers Sinister


For readers looking for that perfect historical romance for the beach or cottage this summer, look no further than Courtney Milan. Her self-published The Brothers Sinister is an unexpected gem of a romance series, including full-length novels – The Duchess War (currently only available in ebook format at OPL), The Heiress Effect, The Countess Conspiracy, and (soon to be published!) The Suffragette Scandal – and novellas featuring secondary characters.


So what makes this series stand out?


Milan not only writes fabulously steamy love scenes, she is clearly a keen historical researcher. She includes endnotes to explain where and why she deviates from historical record, so you can be assured that she does not develop her 19th century plots and characters carelessly. Where so many romance novels can make you feel that the conflicts and complications are cliché, Milan’s stories come across as fresh and engaging, not merely a means to an end. Most of all, I was surprised and delighted to discover that all of her characters – significantly the women – are quite intelligent, with an interest in and talent for the exciting scientific inquiries of the time, mathematics, or politics.


Highly recommended to satisfy your summer craving for the perfect sexy and smart historical romance.