Stittsville ArtSpace: Margaret Chwialkowska






To stand before a painting by Margaret Chwialkowska is to become an integral part of her work. The technique used is "alla prima", in which pigments ae blended to produce the vibrant colour and the rich texture of her art. These are then applied to her canvas with palette knife.   As a student, Margaret studied fine art in Poland.  Her love of the natural world is evident in her images, many of which are inspired by the forests of the Gatineau Hills. Margaret paints in all seasons, whether it is the beauty of the autumn, or the storms of winter.  All of Nature's moods are reflected in the quickness of her hand and eye as paint is shaped into form and colour breathes life into canvas.  tt is a honour and a pleasure to welcome Margaret to the Stittsville branch, and to host her work.

Margaret is an internationally recognized artist.  Her work is represented by Art Galleries in Canada, the United States, and in Europe.

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This exhibition is available for viewing until Monday, July 31, 2017, and during the regular open hours of the Stittsville branch.