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Stittsville Branch Plants Veggies for the Local Food Bank


Like a tiny seed, the idea sprouted in the spring of 2017. With a few keen gardeners on staff, the Stittsville Branch launched a 'Seed Library', where customers could exchange some of their own seeds for those left by others, allowing for sharing of resources in our community. Seedlings were lovingly started in the branch and in the homes of staff, which led to our first (dare I say annual?) 'Plant Swap'. The plant swap was wildy successful and carried into a second day!

Well, we held onto some of those seedlings and have planted them in pots in front of our branch. Although they are looking a bit 'overwhelmed' due to transplant shock, our hope is that they will eventually produce tomatoes, kale and peppers for donating to the Stittsville Food Bank!  Be sure to check them out on your next visit to the Stittsville Branch.