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Stuffed Animal Sleepover Storytime at Beaverbrook


Everyone had a great time at our stuffed animal sleepover storytime last week.

On Friday afternoon, the children introduced their stuffies to the group, made them each a pillow and listened to a bedtime stories and songs.

Once the kids went home and the stuffies stayed behind in the library, they were photographed having a great time playing games, eating snacks and exploring the library. The children returned on Saturday morning to watch a slideshow of the stuffies' adventures.  

Stuffy Sleepover - playing
Stuffy Sleepover - reading
Stuffy Sleepover - monkeying around
Stuffy Sleepover - photocopying
Stuffy Sleepover - snacking
Stuffy Sleepover - sleeping

Look for a story on this program in an upcoming issue of the Kanata Kourier Standard!