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Summer Thrillers

Sep 03, 2020

Nothing beats a sunny day outside, enjoying the soft breeze and a really good book! That summer feeling doesn’t have to end—pick up one of these great new summer releases today for twists, turns and surprises galore!

Here are a few of my favourites:

The Last Flightby Julie Clark

To the untrained eye, Claire has it all: a successful husband, a large staff to cater to her every need, and a gorgeous Manhattan townhouse. But underneath the pleasant exterior, darkness lies.  Her husband has a fiery temper and likes to keep Claire at an ‘arms-length,’ tracking, watching, and pushing her to be ‘the perfect politician’s wife.’  Claire has had enough, and wants to escape, and creates a solid plan (or so she thinks).   

At the airport, she meets Eva, a woman who is equally determined to leave her old life behind. They converse, and she ends up switching tickets with Eva, content to take over her life, whatever it may be…  However, Eva is also keeping secrets, and dangerous ones, and when the plane carrying ‘Claire’ goes down, everything heats up. . .

Want to hear more? Check out book trailerfor The Last Flight!  It’s a fast-paced thriller, with edge of your seat twists and turns.  For more domestic thrillers, try Liv Constantine’s The Last Mrs. Parrish or The Woman Inside by E.G. Scott.


The Lion's Den, by Katherine St. John 

When Belle is invited to enjoy an all-expenses paid vacation on Summer’s boyfriend, John’s yacht she is smitten!  A week away in the Mediterranean with old (and new) friends, filled with sunning and relaxing, what else could a girl need?  But all is not as it seems, and things aboard are off.  John (a much older man) is extremely controlling, with every second of their day planned and accounted for. It all comes to a head when Summer has an altercation with another guest, with terrifying consequences for all, especially Belle….

Intrigued? Check out this conversationwith the author for more details!

For more thrillers about vacations gone wrong, try The Other Couple by Sarah J. Naughton and Girl’s Night Out by Liz Fenton.


Home Before Darkby Riley Sager

When Maggie discovers her father willed her Baneberry Hall (her childhood home, an old Victorian) she was shocked. Not just because it was the setting for her father’s bestselling novel House of Horror (comparable to the Amityville Horror) but because she thought they had sold the property years ago.  She decides to try to fix it up and sell it, ignoring the childhood memories, and feelings of terror slowly materializing, as memories resurface.  A parallel narrative, flowing between chapters of Maggie’s father’s book, and the present.  Baneberry Hall has secrets, and they won’t be hidden for much longer, and the consequences can be deadly…

Interested? Check out the book trailerfor a sneak peak!  For more tales of (haunted?) houses try Silvia Moreno-Garcia’s Mexican Gothic and Nina Laurin’s A Woman Alone.


Looking for more thrillers? Check out this list filled with summer 2020 releases!

Thrillers! The Summer 2020 edition
by charmaine_library

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Thrillers : l'édition 2020
by charmaine_library

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The Last Flight By Julie Clark (Book Trailer)