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Suspense Romance Recommendations: Cowboys and Cops


He’s a semi-retired private investigator, ex-army ranger who just inherited his great-uncle’s ranch back in Texas… She’s a book-smart banker trying to outrun a bad relationship with an ex-con by moving into the farmhouse he has for rent… They fight crime (and possibly fall in love)!

Most of these can be read in a day or two, and are the perfect escape for busy people. Jump into worlds where the cowboys are ex-military and the military are sometimes ex-cowboys!

Some of these series may seem long, but you can read these books in any order and not miss anything. Each book concerns itself with a different couple, and although characters from previous books sometimes make appearances (as hired guns or shoulders to cry on), it’s not distracting to not know their story.

  • Raines of Wind Canyon Series, by Kat Martin:  Cowboys, private-eyes and modern damsels in distress! This series features lots of different action packed situations, from missing children to arsonists to drug deals gone wrong, but the men of Wind Canyon will always get their man.
  • K-9 Rescue Series by DD Ayres:  Police dogs, bomb-detection dogs, PTSD dogs; if you love dogs and strong characters who don’t give up, this series is for you. From war vets to dog trainers, the characters in this series all have something dark in their pasts, which only true love, bullets and perhaps a pooch can fix.
  • SWAT: Special Wolf Alpha Team, by Tyler Paige: (I covered this one in my Paranormal Romance Recommendations blog posts, but it’s worth mentioning twice!) The Dallas SWAT team has the highest success rate of any SWAT team in the country – because each and every man on the team is a werewolf who can see in the dark and shift to take down kidnappers and drug dealers.

Next time: Assassins and rogue agents!

K9 Rescue Series, by DD Ayres by kim_biblio