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Suspenseful Thrillers to Get You Through the Long Days

Apr 17, 2020

Do you like the mysterious life of artists? Do you wonder how to make it in the art world?


Fake Like Me by Barbara Bourland is a wonderfully intelligent thriller details the life of a struggling young artist as she navigates making paintings, romance and the strange world of contemporary art.


This story starts out with a young woman researching the life and death of her role model as she discovers how to have a place in the world of avant garde art. It is easy to identify with the main character since she is trying to discover her inspiration not only as an artist but as a young lady starting her art career. It's a fascinating story, made even more so by the twist in the tale towards the end. This modern contemporary romantic thriller is an exciting read that will keep you engaged until the end.


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Blog post contributed by Christine from our Vanier branch.


Suspenseful Thrillers to Get You Through the Long Daysby vanierch

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