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Take advantage of time at home to enjoy cooking and culture!

Mar 16, 2020

Ottawa Public Health has recommended that all residents of Ottawa practice social distancing. Ottawa Public Library will be posting daily ideas of online content to help you make the most of your time at home.

Do you like cooking?  Do you enjoy learning about different cuisines and cultures?  Then you'll love our online resource AtoZ World Food.

AtoZ World Food is a wonderful resource with recipes in all categories, from appetizers to desserts and snacks.  There are even recipes for traditional beverages, as well as food guides with photos and information on food culture from 174 countries.   Share recipes with your friends. Try the cuisine from a different culture.  March is Nutrition month so a great time to try out new ideas.  

Free access to this resource from your computer is possible with your Ottawa Public Library card and PIN.  

Search by country, by course, by ingredient to find inspirations.  AtoZ World Food highlights a particular country each day.  Tajikistan was the featured country when we visited the resource.

We looked up Russian recipes, and found delicious recipes, all clear and simple.  Here is our suggestion for a delicious family dinner:  Beef Stroganov (a sample illustrated above) and Sharlotka (Apple Cake).  We also searched by ingredient, choosing sweet potato.  If you have a variety of spices around the house, why not try Curried poptatoes, a Ugandan recipe.  

So which country are you going to explore today?  Get inspired and share with us what you try in the commments below.