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Jul 21, 2022

Happy Summer! Hopefully you’ve been able to pick up a Summer Reading Club notebook at your local branch- children can keep track of how many books they have read this summer! Can they beat last year’s amount read?

As part of the Summer Reading Club (SRC), OPL is also offering a variety of exciting in person programs throughout the summer, check out our full calendar of events.

We understand that it’s not always easy getting into your local public library, so we also offer videos from last year SRC programs on our YouTube channel! Check out our Youtube page for past programs. Ottawa Public Library / Biblio publique d'Ottawa - YouTube.

And if you need some book suggestions, find your next read with our favorites list in English and in French

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TD Summer Reading Club 2022
by Collection_Development

Recommended Reads from the TD Summer Reading Club 2022 available at Ottawa Public Library .

  • Amari and the Night Brothers
    Amari has never stopped believing that her missing brother, Quinton, is alive. When she finds a ticking briefcase in his closet with an invitation for a summer tryout at the Bureau of Supernatural Affairs, she is certain that the secretive organization holds the key to locating Quinton. Ages Ages 9-12
  • Amazing Zoe : A Queen Like Me!
    Zoe and Kaitlyn love playing dress-up. One day, Kaitlyn refuses to let Zoe be a princess because she has never seen one who looks like her. The girls have a regal tea party after Zoe's family shares stories of real African princesses and queens with Kaitlyn's family. Ages Ages 3-8
  • Amy Wu and the Patchwork Dragon
    Amy loves craft time at school, but when her teacher asks everyone to make their own dragon, Amy finds it difficult to create something that feels special to her. Ages Ages 4-8
  • The Aquanaut

    The Aquanaut

    By Heinerth, Jill
    This picture book is an autobiography by an underwater explorer who was once a young girl with a big imagination. Ages Ages 3-7
  • Ara the Dream Innovator
    Ara is a young girl who loves to dream big. Many of her amazing ideas come to her in her dreams, so Ara builds a Dream Decoder to capture them. But other kids have big dreams too, and Ara embarks on a quest to make a Dream Decoder for the world! Ages Ages 5-10
  • Arnold the Super-ish Hero
    Nice guys finish first in this endearing story about a humble kid in a family of superheroes who discovers his superpower may not be what everyone (even him!) is expecting. Ages Ages 4-7
  • The Barnabus Project
    In a world built for Perfect Pets, Barnabus is a Failed Project: half mouse, half elephant, and kept out of sight until his dreams of freedom lead him and his misfit friends on a perilous adventure. Ages Ages 5-9
  • The Battle for Crystal Castle
    Geronimo embarks on a mission to find an ancient crown, defeat the Invisible Army and restore harmony to the Kingdom of Fantasy. Ages Ages 6-12
  • Bold Tales of Brave-hearted Boys
    There are many ways to be strong and save the day! Discover the gentle giant who forgives the troublesome thief who climbed his beanstalk, Hansel and Gretel as they work together to escape an evil witch, a young boy who tells the truth about the emperor’s clothes despite the consequences, and a prince who fights to help a sleeping princess in need. Ages Ages 6-12
  • The Book of Mythical Beasts & Magical Creatures
    You'll meet an incredible cast of mind-boggling fictional animals from all around the world and learn about the societies that spawned these legendary creatures. Ages Ages 8-12

Club de lecture d'été TD 2022
by Collection_Development

Titres français recommandés par le Club de lecture d'été TD 2022 présentement disponible à la bibliothèque publique d'Ottawa.

  • Adam Quichotte

    Adam Quichotte

    les spaghettis de papy Pierre

    By Stedho
    Adam part en mission avec Panza, le chat de son papy Pierre. À la recherche d'ingrédients magiques, il parcourt un monde curieux et surprenant. Catégories d'âge 6-8 ans
  • Amos Daragon

    Amos Daragon

    Porteur de masques

    By Perro, Bryan
    Amos Daragon devient le premier élu de la nouvelle génération des porteurs de masques. Aidé d’un ami, il part à la recherche des masques de pouvoir. Catégories d'âge 9-12 ans
  • Åniå


    1, La montagne d'ébène

    By Degonse, Sarah
    Laurence se retrouve dans le monde extraordinaire d’Ania après avoir fait un rêve mystérieux et entendu une légende sur les dragons. Catégories d'âge 9-12 ans
  • Après la chute

    Après la chute

    la remontée de Humpty Dumpty

    By Santat, Dan
    Après être tombé d’un mur, Humpty Dumpty a peur des hauteurs. Un jour, il décide de prendre son courage à deux mains… Catégories d'âge 6-8 ans
  • À qui sont ces grandes dents?
    À qui sont ces poils? Ces taches blanches? Et ces dents? Découvre-le dans cet album plein de suspense à la finale surprenante. Catégories d'âge 0-3 ans
  • Arnold, le genre de super-héros
    Contrairement au reste de sa famille, Arnold n’est pas un super-héros. Mais un jour, il reçoit un appel auquel lui seul peut répondre. Catégories d'âge 6-8 ans
  • Awâsis et la délicieuse bannique
    Awâsis perd les banniques toutes fraîches de Kôhkum. Ne sachant que faire, elle demande l’aide de ses amis les animaux. Catégories d'âge 3-6 ans
  • Babel Africa
    Ce recueil réunit 15 histoires issues de différents pays africains, célébrant toutes la terre mère des contes. Catégories d'âge 9-12 ans
  • Carmen et la maison sauvage
    Carmen déménage et doit se séparer de sa salamandre géante. L’architecte qui rénove sa future demeure pourra peut-être la surprendre… Catégories d'âge 6-8 ans
  • Celle-Qui-Va


    By Pésémapéo Bordeleau, Virginia
    La chamane Celle-Qui-Va est inquiète. Son talisman sacré, un os de grizzli sculpté, a disparu! Elle doit absolument le retrouver. Catégories d'âge 9-12 ans