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Teaching Toolkit: Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day Assembly: Teacher Toolkit

Oct 21, 2020

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Remembrance DayTeacher's Toolkit

Resources for teachers and educators


Every November 11th at 11AM,  Canadians commemorate Remembrance Day, which is also known as Artmistice Day.  This day commemorates the end of the First World War and it is a time to honour and remember those that defended our nation. 

Here are some online resources, books and activities on Remembrance Day, the two World Wars, peace and conflict, to help educatorsand their students from grades 1 to 4, explore these themes.

1) A selection of books

A selection of books Collage

Here is a selection of books onRemembrance Day, the two World Wars, peace and conflict for kids ages students 6 to 10years. 






2) On line resources: History

A) A brief historyof the origins and a description of the meaning of the symbols used for Remembrance Day. 

B) Videoon the history of the Last Post: For grades 1 and up: (00:01:14)  

C) Video: Remembrance Day(bilingual) explained by soldiers (00:02:16)

3) Online Resources and Activities

Here are some history lessons, games and activities for students and teacher/educators on the theme of Remembrance Day.

These resources are classified by the age groups listed below.  They recount the many efforts by Canadians in times of war.   They are sorted by:

  • 5 to 7 years

  • 8 to 12 years

  • 13 to 18 years

A) Classroom material: Resources, lesson plans, and activities for the classroom. 

B) Home Learning Corner The Second World War

C) Resources for the classroom: Quick facts, lesson plans, videos and more!

D) Teaching Guide from the Royal Canadian Legion

Teaching Guide from the Royal Canadian Legion






4) Videos of Canadian Armed Forces speakers explaining:

• the role of veterans and soldiers to children in kindergarten to grade 2: (00:06:57)

• the role of veterans and soldiers to youths grades 3 to 6 (00:05:55)


5) The history of animals in wartime

Tales of Animals in WarEvery year since 2006, six animal characters from the Remembrance Clubhouse have presented a fresh edition of Tales of Animals in War, to introduce young readers to the concept of remembrance in a non-threatening manner. 

A) Tales of Animals in War 

B) History of animals in war (from 2006-2019)

C) History of animals in war (2020)- Liberation of the Netherlands

Download the PDF 


6) Video-  Arts, crafts and songs

Poppy Wreath

A) How to make a poppyfor Remembrance Day(00:02:38) 

Suitable for school age children

B) Make a poppy wreathfor Rembrance Day(00:04:01) 

Make this craft together as a class or children's group. Each child makes a poppy, and together you get a beautiful wreath for Remembrance Day.

C) SongPeace in my Fingers(00:01:45) 

D) Song, sung to the tune of Frère Jacques

Little poppy 
Givento me, 
Help me keepCanada 
Safe and free. 
I'llwear a littlepoppy 
As redas can be. 
To show thatI remember 
Thosewhofoughtfor me. 



Le jour du Souvenir
by RPStorytime

Pour enfants de 6-10 ans

Remembrance Day
by MKStorytime

November 11th is an important day for Canadians. Here is a list of books to share with school age children.