Techno Buddies


What is Techno Buddies?

Techno Buddies is an intergenerational program that focuses on community building, bringing together both Teen Volunteers and Older Adults into the library to focus on learning computer skills.

The program is more “cooperative exploring” rather than formal instruction. During this program Teen Volunteers share their knowledge of social media, apps that can enhance photos, and online games with Older Adults.

Why are we doing it?

To make Ottawa a more age friendly city

By 2031, 1 in 5 people living in Ottawa will be an older adult (50 and up)

Support life-long learning and 21st century literacies, fostering inspiration and enjoyment and connecting people to each other and the world

Many Canadian public libraries have made this a core program during the summer.

Who is running it?

For this summer: Beaverbrook, Carlingwood, Main and Nepean Centrepointe. To register:

 Benefits for participants:

Reduce isolation.

Keep their minds active.

Approach new technologies with confidence

Learn new skills at their own pace

Keeping connected with family, friends and the outside world