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Teen Author Fest Presents : Dominique Demers


French-Canadian author Dominique Demers is well known to readers both young and old, which comes as no surprise—she’s published over 50 works of fiction for children, teens and adults.

She’ll be in Ottawa for the OPL’s Teen Author Fest, and will give a workshop entitled Author Talk with Dominique Demers at the Orléans branch on Thursday, October 24, at 7 p.m.

Demers’ work doesn’t shy away from tough questions and difficult subjects as she explores the complex lives of teens enduring real difficulties and searching for a sense of identity.

Her latest novel, L’albatros et la mésange, follows two teens, Mélodie and Jean-Baptiste. Mélodie is heartbroken over a love that fully consumed her, destroying her self-confidence and her trust in others. Jean‑Baptiste, from a big family, is in conflict with his religious father after having lost his faith, while still shouldering his responsibility to look after his brothers and sisters. One day, the two teens meet by happenstance—might there be something between them?

In rich, unhurried prose, Demers transports her readers into the complicated lives of these teens, touching on themes like faith, relationships, life with Asperger’s and much more along the way. This is without a doubt a novel that will provoke some important conversations.

We hope to see you there!