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Teen Graphic Novels - Honey So Sweet by Amu Meguro


             In my lifetime I have only read a handful of comic books/graphic novels. To get in the spirit of Ottawa’s upcoming 2016 ComicCon, I thought I would try a teen manga graphic novel. I started by exploring our new titles on our Bibliocommons website and chose the English Teen Graphic Novels list where I quickly became intrigued by Amu Meguro’s new manga series Honey So Sweet’s Vol. 1 book cover.

            The first thing I had to do when reading Meguro’s Honey So Sweet Vol. 1 was get used to reading the book from right to left. This wasn’t my first book that reads from right to left but it took about five pages before I got into the swing of it again. This romantic, coming-of-age, self-discovery manga series focuses on two main characters; 15 year old Japanese high school outcasts Nao Kogure (female) and Taiga Onise (male). Basically Nao wants nothing to do with the intimidating Taiga; however he presents her with a large bouquet of flowers and asks her to date him – with marriage in mind! Instead of declining Taiga’s forward romantic request, Nao simply accepts in hopes of not agitating Taiga who is seen by the entire high school as an aggressive delinquent. Right away Meguro’s chemistry between Nao and Taiga had me thinking of similarities between Stephenie Meyer’s intense emotional connection between Edward Cullen and Bella Swan in her Twilight series. I liked how Meguro’s writing and plot illustrated both male and female feelings of intimidation and love. This can then draw both male and female teen readership.

The three large drawbacks I found with Amu Meguro’s Honey So Sweet vol. 1 are:

  1. Some choppy writing due to translation from Japanese to English.
  2. Book cover Illustrations don’t tie in directly with the storyline of series (Bunny mask on Taiga and red string tied to fingers). This could be off putting for some teens as they may see it as childish.
  3. Book title also does not tie in directly to storyline of series.  

            Despite these few drawbacks I wasn’t able to put Vol. 1 down until I completely finished reading it! Meguro’s Vol. 1 ended on a great cliff-hanger; needless to say I had to read the second volume ASAP. Unfortunately we will have to wait a little while for the next few volumes: Vol. 3 will be published in July 2016, Vol. 4 in October 2016, and Vol. 5 in January 2017. I will be pre-ordering these titles. I can’t wait! With all this being said, I really enjoyed this new Honey So Sweet series. I would rate Amu Meguro’s Vol. 1 book 3 stars out of 5 stars. For Vol. 2, I would rate the book 3.25 stars out of 5 stars as it was a little more relatable for North American teens (fist bumps included)!

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