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Temporary Remote Access to the Ancestry Library from Home will be extended until December 31,2021.

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Mar 23, 2020

Temporary Remote Access to the Ancestry Library from Home will be extended until December 31, 2021.

In order to better serve our patrons, we have worked with ProQuest and its partner Ancestry Library to expand offsite remote access to the Ancestry Library database directly from your home. Previously Ancestry Library was only available for in-library use.

You can access billions of names in thousands of genealogical databases including Census and Vital Records; birth, marriage, and death notices; the Social Security Death Index; and more.

Canadian coverage includes major sources such as the censuses from 1851 to 1916, the Ontario civil registration of births, marriages, and deaths, and the Quebec Drouin Collection (courthouse copies of parish registers).

While you stay home practicing social distancing, we hope these valuable resources will give you something interesting to do, such as looking for your ancestry history and building a family tree, something you might not have had time to do previously.


Ancestry remote access

Thank you to both Ancestry and OPL for allowing this remote access. Ancestry and library books that have been two of the few things that has allowed me to control my stress level or to de-stress during this period. I have also enjoyed the webinar that Ancestry put on for us with such speakers as Leslie Anderson and Gloria Tubman just to name a few. Maggiemae

Ancestry Library has extended remote access through July 31st

Hello Maggiemae, Thank you very much for your nice comments. I am glad to let you know that Ancestry Library has extended remote access through July 31st, so you can continue to enjoy this valuable resource. We are thrilled to hear that this database helped you during this stressful time and that you enjoyed the webinars. The Ottawa Public Library is committed to providing the best resources and services possible to our valued customers. I hope you have a safe and relaxing summer. Feng (Content Services)

Renewed vigour!

I'm so pleased to be able to use Ancestry Library from home, because it's difficult for me to get to my Ottawa Public Library branch even when it is open. During the pandemic, I realized that my family history hobby, dormant for about five years, could be ready for another burst of attention. It turned out to be so much more! Using the Ancestry databases has helped me to chart branches of the families and track individuals through their lives. Such as my 3x great grandfather who was an abandoned child in 1813 London, convicted for stealing some ham, transported to Australia, and on his release worked his way up to becoming a multi-millionaire hotelier in Sydney. Or linking my grandmother to the tutor and advisor to King Edward VI in Tudor times. These exciting disoveries have really helped my sanity during this difficult time. Thank you!

Ancestry Library has extended remote access through July 31st

Dear Andycdn, Thank you for taking the time to write such nice comments in support of the work by the Ottawa Public Library (OPL) to provide our customers with valued resources during these pandemic times - much appreciated. Your experience is exactly what we set out to accomplish. We hope that Ancestry Library remote access will give our clients something interesting to do while staying at home practicing physical distancing, such as researching their ancestry and building a family tree, something they might not have had time to do previously. Thank you for sharing your exciting experience with us - you've made some amazing discoveries about your ancestors! We hope you continue to enjoy using Ancestry Library from home until the end of July 2020. Happy Canada Day! Feng (Content Services, OPL)

acces a la librairie ancestry

bonjour, a quand pourrons nous avoir accès a nouveau a la librairie ancestry, je trouvais facinant les multitude de trouvaille sur nos ancêtre a leur certificat de naissance

Accès à la librairie Ancestry

Bonjour, je suis d'accord pour qu'une demande de prolongation d'accessibilité du site Ancestry soit demandée de nouveau. je reviens de vacances et je n'a pas eu la chance de l'utiliser dans le dernier mois. Cordialement. FB