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They're paving paradise


The library is full of fascinating ideas and occurrences, concepts that a person is unlikely to encounter in an average day, perhaps a lifetime.  My library finds make me think, a lot.

Parking lots are something that those of us who travel by car use every day yet what notice do we take of them? Author Eran Ben-Joseph states that big cities may devote up to one third of their land to temporary car storage. When you think about it, a family of 4 in a restaurant takes up less space than their vehicle does outside.

Builders plan for beautiful lobbies and enhanced landscaping- this is good but could plans be extended to incorporate environmental considerations for the place we leave our wheels?

Bluewater, one of the largest shopping malls in the UK, occupies 240 acres including vehicle accommodation featuring lawns, lakes and 47,000 trees!  (may I suggest  google images?)

 Other earth friendly notions are "green porous paving" , pedestrian amenities  or multi use parking lots and storm water management. The numbers for run off from an acre of black asphalt during a one inch rainfall are significant, multiply by the acres of paved lots - well it just makes you wonder what we are doing to our planet. Should that rain be hydrating the ground below instead of storm sewers?

International design architects have some brilliant ideas but we need local developers and municipal planners onboard. Tell two friends, tell lots of friends, friends in high places. Paradise is precious.

ReThinking A Lot