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Time to Sprout

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You have a new friendly neighbour, and their name is Sprout.

Food deserts are a big issue in Ottawa. Over 20 neighbourhoods across the city are not served by grocery stores, requiring residents to travel long-distances to access fresh food.

A group of uOttawa students have come together to address this problem. Sprout is an initiative of Enactus uOttawa, a student-run non-profit organization that uses the power of entrepreneurial action to empower people to improve their livelihoods.

Sprout makes healthy meals accessible by working with local corner stores to sell delicious and simple meal kits.

Shoppers can purchase the dry goods and necessary produce all in one location, along with an easy-to-follow recipe. Sprout’s convenient locations, affordable prices, and time-saving recipe packs help make healthy eating easy.Recipes include Pad Thai, Homestyle Soup, Stuffed Peppers and Homestyle Salad. Some recipes are changed by season, so you can look forward to delicious new recipes from Sprout throughout the year.All meal packs are priced at only $5.00; produce included, and provides several servings. Not only are these a great value, Sprout meals are easy to prepare and time-saving. The dry ingredients are pre-packaged, and a simple recipe is provided. Just add the fresh produce, and you’ll have a meal ready to enjoy.

Fiona Anderson, a team member of Sprout says: “Many people may choose to eat less fresh food, whether from fast food restaurants, or frozen meals, just because they are cheaper. They take less time to make or can be bought closer to home. Our recipes are meant to be a healthier, fresh alternative.”

A Sprout location recently launched in the Lowertown neighbourhood at Lauzon Grocery, 207 Guiges Avenue. The store owner, Arash, says, “We are happy to offer healthy food and vegetables to our community and welcome Sprout in our store. We will continue to promote the Sprout program and have taken every opportunity to inform our customers about it”.Sprout is looking forward to expanding to other locations around Ottawa this year. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting new project in Ottawa by following Sprout Ottawa on Facebook, and @sproutottawa on Instagram.

Choose Sprout for your next meal by visiting the Lowertown location at Lauzon Grocery! 

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