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Together We Read – Bad Ideas by Missy Marston

image of the cover of Bad Ideas on a tablet

Sep 10, 2020

Together We Read is a Digital Book Club from Overdrivewhereparticipating librarieshighlight recent titles from Canadian authors.During this two-week program, there’sno waitlists orholds for the selected ebook.The featured title right now is Bad Ideas by Missy Marston, a local Ottawa author: 

Trudy works nights in a linen factory, avoiding romance and sharing the care of her four-year-old niece with Trudy’s mother, Claire. Claire still pines for Trudy’s father, a St. Lawrence Seaway construction worker who left her twenty years ago. Claire believes in true love. Trudy does not. She’s keeping herself to herself. But when Jules Tremblay, aspiring daredevil, walks into the Jubilee restaurant, Trudy’s a goner.

Loosely inspired by Ken “the Crazy Canuck” Carter’s attempt to jump the St. Lawrence River in a rocket car, and set in a 1970s hollowed-out town in eastern Ontario, Bad Ideas paints an indelible portrait of people on the forgotten fringes of life. Witty and wise, this is a novel that will stay with you a long time. 

Bad Ideas is available as both an e-book and audiobook. To download Bad Ideasfor freeon your phone, tablet or e-reader, click here if you want to listen to the audiobook version, click here