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Together We Read Ontario: Melanie Mah’s novel, The Sweetest One


Do you ever get the feeling that you’re cursed? I think we all have those moments, when a day goes badly, we lose our keys for the fourth time, or we get squished by the door closing on the bus (or is that all just me?) Seventeen-year-old Chrysler Wong truly believes her family is cursed, and she has pretty good reason to: three of her siblings have died after their eighteenth birthdays, and the fourth has just fallen off the grid…. Join readers in 235 other libraries across Ontario as we dive into Chrysler’s story as part of the 2017 Together We Read: Ontario program.

OPL, along with the Southern Ontario Library Service and the Ontario Media Development Corporation, is pleased to announce that The Sweetest One by Melanie Mah will be available for free simultaneous downloads from October 16 – October 30. Visit our catalogue to get your hands on it here!

In an interview with Ricepaper Magazine, author Mah describes her novel as a kind of study of potential approaches to impending death. Each family member has “very different reactions to the belief that they may die soon that reflect things about their personalities, life history, and life circumstances.” As you can probably tell from my opening, I cope using humour. This beautiful novel is a unique meditation on isolation, marginalization, and loss. The Sweetest One also won the 2017 Trillium Book Award, and judges commented that “Melanie Mah has crafted a story of an under-told Canadian experience with deft, humour and so much grit." We can’t say it any better. Happy ebook reading!