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Tonight - Chris Hadfield’s Canada 150 Show!

Chris Hadfield photo with guitar





BOOK GIVEAWAY: We are giving away 150 autographed copy of Chris Hadfield’s book The Darkest Dark at the event tonight!  Please note that the book giveway will be entirely random. You will find out if you get a copy during the show.


Chris Hadfield’s Canada 150 Show at Centrepointe Theatres on December 11, is now sold out.
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The Ottawa Public Library invites you to an evening of storytelling… without borders! OPL-BPO Canada 150 presents Chris Hadfield’s Canada 150 Show on Monday, December 11, 7 p.m., at Centrepointe Theatres.


Five months aboard the International Space Station, three spaceflights and 2600 orbits of Earth later, Colonel Hadfield lands in Ottawa to present his Canada 150 show and to help OPL celebrate Storytelling without Borders.



Colonel Chris Hadfield astronaut, musician, author, master storyteller and the first Canadian Commander of the International Space Station will share a selection of stories, images, songs and ideas that celebrate the 150th birthday of the nation he is so proud to call home. From his unique perspective, Chris looks at the history and future of Canada through its people and the land itself.


 This special OPL-BPO Canada 150 event is presented in partnership with Centrepointe Theatres. Tickets are $31.25 and can be purchased through Centrepointe Theatres at CENTREPOINTETHEATRES.COM or by phone at 613-580-2700.


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The OPL will be giving away 150 autographed copy of Chris Hadfield’s book The Darkest Dark at the event! Stay tuned for more details.


And got to meet Chris on a number of occasions ... truly amazing!

So great to hear! Are you coming to the show?

Is the earth really a giant spinning ball flying around the sun or is it flat and not spinning ?