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Twenty-five Days of Great Books for Teens

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Tue, Dec 14, 2021

The CE TAG (Teen Advisory Group) made a wonderful  advent calendar for teens who love to read! We chose 25 books, most with brief description or reviews written by the TAG. Every day a new book is revealed, with books of varying genres and themes. We had a lot of fun making it and hope you enjoy!  Come into CE branch to see it in person and stay tuned for December 25th when the last book will be revealed.

Happy holidays from the CE TAG.

Twenty-five Days of Great Books for Teensby CEteens_library

Here are all the books from our advent calendar. Most books include a review from our TAG...and if you pay close attention you'll notice that there is a 'bonus' book in the mix, as day 20 on our calendar gave not one but two great suggestions. We hope you enjoy this list, appearing in the order in which it was revealed on our tree.

  • Image: The Upside of Falling
    Do you enjoy romance, want to connect deeply with the characters, and are eager to be transported into the story well this is the book for you. The Upside of Falling is a light and fun romance novel about two teenagers who have agreed to be in a fake relationship. You may be wondering how this happens. Well it starts with Becca Hart, a shy romance book lover who impulsively lies to her former best friend about having a boyfriend. Once she realizes she has gotten in way over her head, Bret Wells, the popular football captain who has it all, swoops in as the dear boyfriend. Now these complete strangers have to pretend to be this lovey-dovey couple while getting to know each other, dealing with family issues, and finding the difference between what's real and what’s an act.
  • Image: The Rule of Thre3
    The Rule of three by Eric Walters highlights how modern society has heavily relied on technology and how one drastic change can break our society completely. The main protagonist Adam needs to join forces with his neighborhood to defend themselves from dangerous and desperate forces. The plot throughout the book was very well written and its characters resonated deeply with me (especially Todd, Adam’s best friend).
  • Image: La règl3 de trois

    La règl3 de trois

    1, La lutte pour le pouvoir
    By Walters, Eric
  • Image: The Selection
    This is an engaging dystopian novel set in the country of Illéa, where the citizens are divided into castes ranging from Ones to Eights, with Ones being the richest and Eights being the poorest. The sole heir to the throne, Prince Maxon Schreave, is organizing a Selection for 35 girls picked at random to compete for his love and queen of Illéa in the palace. But what does it mean for America Singer when she is chosen to fight for a heart she doesn't want while leaving her true love behind? After reading this five book series I’d give it an overall four stars because I wasn’t too happy with the ending but this is still a great book for teens.
  • Image: La sélection

    La sélection

    By Cass, Kiera
  • Image: A Curse So Dark and Lonely
    Have you ever wanted a fairy tale happily ever after? Well this story isn’t one of them. Harper is a girl who lives in the 21st century. Her world is as imperfect as it can be, and it gets even stranger once she is kidnapped by Rhen, a cursed prince from a kingdom in another world. Now she must fall in love with Rhen or escape back to her own world before the season (3 months) ends, or he will turn into a monstrous beast once again. You will be captured by this thrilling retelling of Beauty and the Beast with multiple twists and turns along the way. Once you have read this book you will want to pick up the other books in the series, A Heart so Fierce and Broken, and A Vow so Bold and Deadly.
  • Image: Shatter Me

    Shatter Me

    By Mafi, Tahereh
  • Image: Alex, Approximately
    Bailey has been online friends with “Alex”, and when she moves to the same city as him, just in time for summer, it’s the perfect chance to meet him in person, right? But Bailey meets someone else, infuriating, rude, cute. Porter Roth. Does she have to make a decision between a flawed relationship with him or a perfect relationship with her online “boyfriend”? Alex, Approximately is witty, charming and entertaining, you won’t want it to end!