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The Ultimate Career Strategy Toolkit on YouTube

Mar 03, 2020

These workshops are all part of the Career Strategy Toolkit, and are now available on Ottawa Public Library's YouTube.  Click on the links below to view online. 

A three-part series of professional workshops to help you advance your career.  Each workshop focuses on a different pillar of career advancement.  These workshops are led by two local entrepreneurs, founders of two companies, Inclusively and Find Your Tribe.  Join Naomi Haile and Samukele Ncube to build your personal career strategy toolkit. 

Gone are the days where it was enough to just fill out an application on a job board and send in your resume to get the job.  The job-hunting landscape today demands so much more of candidates than to simply fill out an application on a job board, sending your resume to get the job, or even stand out to get an interview.  It has become critical to craft your story, clearly articulate your value-proposition and sell yourself. We often hear, You must be in the right mindset in your job search, or How are you branding yourself? or Your network is your net worth.  These workshops will breakdown these pillars of career advancement, Mindset, Personal Branding, and Building Relationships, and help you build your own career strategy! 

Part 1: Mindset  Getting Outside Your Comfort Zone & Creating Your Own Career Opportunities

This workshop will delve into strategies that include pitching yourself for opportunities that don’t yet exist and how to approach connections in your network for introductions.  Learn creative strategies to get your foot in the door to be given the chance to share your message to the right people.  

Part 2: Personal Branding Defining and Building Your Personal Brand for Your Job Search  

This workshop, will explore how to identify your passions and skills, define the kind of work you would love to be doing and formulate ways to bridge that gap and share your stories online. 

Part 3: Building Relationships Building Relationships & Taking Your Online Connections Offline  

This workshop will explore the importance of networking, help you develop strategies to get the most out of your networking activities and share some tactics to help you grow more confident in your networking abilities.