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Unique Romance Movie Nights

features all five posters for the Unique Romance movie month

Oct 29, 2022

Ah, love! Whether it's forming a friendship that burgeons into a romance with a murderous vampire, through the love of food by way of the culinary god Cumin, between two very conveniently philosophical lovers, by frequent break and enter into vacant homes or falling in love with your dear, loving operating is everywhere. Well it's not everywhere. Do you feel loved? Whether you said yes or no to that doesn't matter cause you WILL feel love when watching these films at the Main branch of Ottawa Public Library in our auditorium at 5:30PM on every Tuesday of November.

Here's a selection of romance films with their own unique spin:

First up is Let the Right One In (2008) by Tomas Alfredson. Leading in from the Horror Movie Nights we had in October, this one is more horror than romance but hey there's romance in it so like yeah whatever, man. Set in the 1980s in Blackeberg, a suburb of Stockholm, this film tells the story of a young 12-year old boy named Oskar. Oskar is often bullied at school and he spends much of his time at home imagining how he would take revenge on the bullies. One night he meets Eli, a young, pale skinned and mysterious girl who moved into the apartment next door. They strike up a friendship, though at first Eli is relunctant to get too close to Oskar. However, Eli is no ordinary child. Eli is a vampire. Even though it's likely that Eli is responsible for a number of recent murders in the neighbourhood, Oskar decides to continue his friendship with Eli.

The second film will be The Lunchbox (2013) by Ritesh Batra . Ila's husband is distant and neglectful. She decides to one day cook him a special meal to hopefully ignite the flames again and get his attention. However, despite Mumbai's dabbawala lunch delivery service being godlike, the luncbox is delivered to the wrong person. A lonely widower set to retire soon named Saajan receives the lunchbox. Ila, confused by her husband's lack of appreciation for the meal he never even received, decides to place a note in the box to suss out its recipient. This begins a pleasant back and forth between Ila and Saajan through notewriting.

Our third film will be the 1995 film Before Sunrise by Richard Linklater. Jesse is returning to Vienna by train and meets with Celine, a woman headed back to Paris. After conversing together, the two recognize there is an instant connection. Jesse convinces Celine to get off the train with him  He explains that he is set to return to the US by way of Vienna but he cannot afford lodging for the night. He suggest that they spend the night together absorbing the sights and sounds of Vienna. Celine agrees and gets off the train with him. The two walk the streets of the city and converse more and more openly about love, life, religion, politics, etc. As the night draws near its ends, the two mull over how they should keep in touch, if at all, and what that might mean if they meet again or not. This film is part of a trilogy of films you should definitely watch. Even though we won't be playing all of them, we suggest you watch all three.

The fourth film will be 2004's 3-Iron by Kim Ki-Duk. Tae-suk is a drifter who sets up in people's homes while they are away. While they may be away on vacation or business, Tae-suk doesn't simply use their home for rest. He always makes sure to do housework or chores around the houses to show his appreciation to his unaware hosts. One day he happens upon a home he believes to be empty but that is actually occupied by Sun-hwa, an abused housewife who, unbeknownst to Tae-suk at first, is watching his every move. They eventually make eye contact, Never saying a word to each other, they form a silent understanding and Tae-suk acts as a wedge between Sun-hwa and her abusive husband. I'm not saying more, other than it's just awesome and short and you should watch it. 

The final film is Her (2013) by Spike Jonze. Theodore, soon to be divorced, lives a solitary life. He works and spends most of his time as a writer developing love notes for those unable to conjure up the right words for personal/romantic letters. Though he is often lauded by his co-workers for his excellent writing skills, Theodore is often lonely and depressed. One day he purchases a new operating system packed iwth a fully formed virtual assistant. Though hesitant at first, Theodore starts interacting with the assistant, who has decided to name herself Samantha. Unlike anything, or anyone for that matter, he's ever seen before, Theodore builds a friendship with this artificial intelligence named Samantha, a friendship which eventually turns into a romantic relationship. 

 The schedule is as follows:

  • November 1st - Let the Right One In
  • November 8th - The Lunchbox
  • November 15th - Before Sunrise
  • November 22nd - 3-Iron
  • November 29th - Her

All screenings will begin at 5:30PM

Note: The films are intended for a mature audience. The films contain violence, nudity, strong language and drug use. The films will be screened in their original language with English subtitles where applicable.


Movie night

"love when watching these films at the Ottawa Public Library in our auditorium at 5:30PM on every Tuesday of November." There's no mention of which branch has the auditorium for move night....

The Movie Night is at the

The Movie Night is at the Main Branch, of the Ottawa Public Library, located downtown, at 120 Metcalfe St.