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Unlimited eBook access to Joshua Whitehead’s Making Love with the Land

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May 31, 2024

In celebration of National Indigenous History month, this is the perfect time to borrow and read Making Love with the Land, an intense and thought-provoking book of non-fiction by award-winning author Joshua Whitehead. Through OPL, the eBook is available to an unlimited number of readers in English and French until the end of National Indigenous History Month June 30, with no waitlists. The eAudio format of the book is also available in English to an unlimited number of borrowers.  

Making Love with the Land is a startling, challenging, uncompromising look at what it means to live as an Indigenous person “in the rupture” between identities. In these ten unique, heart-piercing non-fiction pieces, award-winning writer Joshua Whitehead illuminates the com­plex moment we’re living through now, in which Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples are navigating new and old ideas about “the land.” He asks: What is our relationship and responsibility towards it? And how has the land shaped ideas, histories, words, our very bodies? 

Don’t miss the opportunity to discuss Making Love with the Land with the author, Joshua Whitehead, on June 11 at 7 pm. This hybrid event will be held in person and streamed live NAC LIVESTREAM. Registration is required for the in-person event, and a recording will be made available on the OPL YouTube page.  

Discover the convenience and freedom of OPL’s extensive eBook collection, and jump at this opportunity to read Joshua Whitehead’s book along with many other Ottawa readers.  Start reading "Making Love with the Land" today, join the broader conversation about identity and cultural understanding, and attend the conversation with the author online or in person on June 11.