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Update: Change of French eBook platform

Cantook Station

Update - February 28 :

We hope you are enjoying the new and improved French eBook experience! 

During a transfer, it is always possible that data is lost. If you notice incorrect information, such as missing holds, we invite you to contact us by calling us at 613-580-2940.

Update - February 14 : 

The migration to Cantook Station took place on Monday, February 11, 2019. You can now see the collection, and you can access your loans and holds. Unfortunately, because of a bug in MaBiblio, a number of holds were lost. They cannot provide a list of titles or customers affected by this loss. There is also a logout issue that De Marque is working on - some customers are not able to log out of their account normally.

The French eBook platform MaBiblio has been purchased by Canada’s largest French eBook provider, De Marque. Ottawa Public Library accounts and collections will be transferred to the De Marque platform - Cantook Station - on Monday, February 11.

The platform will be inaccessible for 24 hours during the migration.

Once this is complete, you will still need to log in, as with MaBiblio, and will continue to use Bluefire Reader or a browser to read. When logged in to Cantook Station, you will be able to see your loans and holds, browse and search, and consult help guides.

We hope you enjoy the new Cantook Station experience!