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May 25, 2020

Need a hand with some of the library's digital resources, such as borrowing library e-books on your device(s) or how to access any of the numerous online services available on the website?

Help is available to you!  Library staff members are read to provide you with 1:1 assistance by telephone appointment for this and other research questions.

Please submit your request here:  A library staff member will contact you to set up an appointment within 24 hours.


Looking for book recommendation for Grade 7 history unit.

Hi, there! We'd love a suggestion for this if you don't mind. We're not getting anywhere with our own searches and would love a suggestion for a learning assignment if you don't mind. Looking for a book that is either set during the period 1713-1850 or about that time period in Canadian history. It can be any kind of book (fiction, historical, bio, graphic novel, resource book, kids' story, short story, etc.). It can be in either English or French. Looking for something that doesn't gloss over Canada's darker parts of history. Ideal would be some sort of story set in Canada during that time, but we'll take anything! We can be reached at 613-375-6632 or email Thanks so much! Barb