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Waiting for The Blood of Olympus? Read these!


I am so excited that the last Heroes of Olympus book has come out!  It feels like I’ve been waiting forever!  If you are like me, you are really far down on the waiting list, so what can you read that will help you get through the waiting period?

Loki's Wolves

This is the first in the Blackwell Pages Trilogy, a new series by Canadian author Kelley Armstrong and American author M.A. Marr. The second title in the series is Odin’s Raven and the third, and last, book in the trilogy is Thor’s Serpent (current release date is May 15 2015). When Matthew Thorsen, literally a descendant of Thor, is chosen as the champion of Thor to battle the serpent during Ragnorök, he is elated, until he finds out that his family may not want him fighting for the reasons he believes. He teams up with his classmates, Laurie and Fen Brekke, who are descendants of Loki and together they go on an adventure to find Mjölnir, running into other descendants of the Norse gods along the way.

Over Sea, Under Stone     The Dark is Rising               

The Dark is Rising Sequence is a classic fantasy series that takes place in Cornwall and is deeply steeped in Arthurian legend.  When the Drew family goes to stay with their Uncle Merry in Cornwall, what promises to be a relaxing vacation turns rather exciting when the three children find an old map in the attic of the house.  When they decide to follow the map to the promised treasure, they don’t realize that they are involving themselves in a battle between good and evil that has been raging since the time of King Arthur.


Harry Potter is a fantasy series that is set in a parallel world to ours where magic, sorcerers and witches are all very real.  After a series of increasingly strange events, Harry is rescued from his horrible guardians and finds out that he is a wizard.  He is then whisked off to the wizarding world and goes to Hogwarts, the English school for witches and wizards.  Not only is he famous for something he doesn’t remember, but he is also in danger from the enemy who killed his parents.  Each book becomes increasingly violent and dark, starting with Goblet of Fire, so judge accordingly for younger readers.