Wanted: Your favourite family recipe!


Grandma’s cinnamon rolls? Uncle Joe’s potato salad? Dad’s special tomato soup? à la carte, the Ottawa Public Library’s food literacy project, is creating a community cookbook and we want to include your favourite family recipe!

For Canada’s 150th anniversary, OPL is celebrating storytelling in all its forms as a way to connect people and inspire learning about our communities and the many stories we have to share. Recipes are a great way to share stories that involve the food we cook and eat.

The OPL à la carte food literacy project team is looking to collect 150 original recipes for its cookbook. We invite everyone to send us one (or more!) favourite family recipes, along with a little story about why the dish is special.

You can submit your recipe on our food literacy web page: https://biblioottawalibrary.ca/en/food-literacy (enter your library card number), or by sending us an email at alacarte@biblioottawalibrary.ca. The first fifty people to send us their favourite family recipe will receive seed paper to grow tomatoes, lettuce and carrots! 


I was working on a recipe, Beef Short Ribs with Carmelized onions and I seem to have lost it - it was ready to publish - HELP please