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We Are Okay by Nina LaCour --- TAG Book Review


Posting on behalf of Catherine Moroziuk; Stittsville Library Teen Advisory Group Member (2017)

We Are Okay by Nina Lacour is an inspiring book about a girl named Marin who suddenly ran off to New York and left her town, friends, and comfort after an accident involving her grandfather. Marin shut herself off from everyone else, including her very best friend Mabel. Marin stays to herself most of the time, and only rarely speaks to her college roommate, Hannah. One winter during the break, Marin stays alone in her dorm, awaiting the visit of Mabel. Marin is afraid of facing the truth, and revisiting the past. What will happen during Mabel's stay?

We Are Okay is an amazing book full of heartbreak, mystery, betrayal, and love. His book will instantly make you feel, and you are engaged into the story so quickly. This book makes you feel grateful for everything you have, and it proves that blood is NOT thicker than water. I highly suggest this book by the award winning author, Nina Lacour.

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Image: We Are Okay

We Are Okay

By LaCour, Nina
Image: We Are Okay (CD)

We Are Okay (CD)

By Lacour, Nina