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This Week’s Teen Summer Reading Winner!


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I recently just finished the first book of the Shatter Me trilogy (already halfway done the second one because I can't put the series down). I honestly thought I wouldn't like the series because of the mixed opinions on the books, but can I just say that the author's new dystopian world was amazing? Her style of writing is so different than most YA novelists and it blew my mind. Her characters were complex and her ideas were pure genius.

In case you've never heard of the book, it's about a 17-year-old girl named Juliette who has the power to kill/torture someone with a touch. She's been locked up in prison for about 3 years after she accidentally killed a young child. Basically it's a story of how she tries to survive in a failing world and try to stay away from the Re-establishment, who are trying to use her as a weapon of war. It's filled with action and romance and it's one of the best series' I've ever read.

Excellent review. To officially join the Teen Summer Reading site, go to this link: (We always suggest bookmarking it!), and then click "Join Program". That way every time you add a comment/review to a book, you are eligible for the prize draw. Your review will then show up in the comments section of the book you write about, such as the title Shatter Me -

This book was a quick read, short but it was enjoyable

Hi there - please read my reply above on how to join OPL's Teen Summer Reading site and be eligible for the prize draw.

The queen of mystery herself at what, in my opinion, was her best mystery novel- or best mystery novel of all time in fact. It's completely genius and unexpected and so well put together. Read it or you haven't lived.

Hi there - please read my reply above on how to join OPL's Teen Summer Reading site and be eligible for the prize draw.