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What Did You Read Today? Mayor Jim Watson takes the National Reading Campaign challenge


We asked Jim Watson, Mayor of the City of Ottawa:  What Did You Read Today?

“On an average day I read three local newspapers and a national newspaper when I wake up.

Depending on the day, I will also read some weeklies, monthly community papers and maybe a magazine article over the course of a day before finishing the day by reading some briefings at night.

I have always loved newspapers and have been an avid reader of them since I was a kid but my schedule doesn’t allow me to read as many books, both fiction and non-fiction, as I would like to.

Reading is an important way for me to stay informed on current events or to separate myself from work when I need a break. It’s a limitless pursuit that is an important part of my life.”  

“What did you read today?” is a public awareness campaign created by the National Reading Campaign to help make reading a national priority. 

For the rest of the year, the Ottawa Public Library will be asking that question to Ottawans and posting their answers in this staff blog.  We invite you to participate in the conversation by posting your answer in our blog’s comments.  

Since 2008, the National Reading Campaign has brought together people from every region of Canada who are concerned about Canada’s changing reading habits.