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What happens in the kitchen- stays in the kitchen


Alone in the Kitchen with An Eggplant


Tidying up in the 641, cookery, section I found the title Alone in the Kitchen with an Eggplant. Curiosity impelled me to pull the book out for a better look and I was hooked. Subtitled Confessions of cooking for one and dining alone, this is a collection of essays by people you may know and people you have never heard of. 

Anne Patchett, one of my favorite authors, is a contributor. How do you feel about eating alone? When you cook for yourself do you eat out of the pot or prepare the lovely meal you deserve with candles and wine? This book will make you feel normal, no matter your style.



One thing leads to another – have a look at other titles for recipes, ideas and a few smiles of recognition.


 I've eaten from the pot and I've prepared a feast while sitting at an otherwise empty table. Botany makes excellent company. 

I just find the conversation one sided.