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When Fairies Garden


Imagination is a wonder full thing and fairy gardens are a wonder full example of imagination.

There are legends of fairies from far away in time and distance; Iceland, Ancient Greece and Britain.Geoffrey Chaucer (1343-1400) wrote that the land of Britain was filled with fairies before the time of King Arthur.

Whoever they were or whatever they did I think they would like this new trend .

Fairy Gardening is a guide of design, plants and accessories to create and maintain a miniature landscape scene. Photos on almost every page bring the ideas to life.These little gardens  can be moved indoors or come fall, save your favorite bits and start over next season.  They are a brilliant project for anyone, any age and can be customized to be delicate and feminine  or rugged with robots- I'm picturing Lego people.

A search of "fairy gardens" or "miniature gardens" on the crafty site  will provide inspiration to start the hunt for tiny plants and figurines, furniture and tools.This is a gardening project that requires little commitment and can be done almost anywhere without hours of work in the hot sun. With new varieties of dwarf vegetables, maybe you could include some in case, you know, the wee folk get hungry when you're not around.

photograph of garden

Image: Fairy Gardening

Fairy Gardening

Creating your Own Magical Miniature Garden
By Bawden-Davis, Julie