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World Creativity and Innovation Week

  • Call it a Fablab,
  • Call it a Hackspace or Hackerspace,
  • Call it a Makerspace
  • or call it (as we do) the Imagine Space  


Whatever you call it, the maker movement and the Library are a natural fit.

The public Library has always been a space for everyone to have equal access to information, ideas and resources.

At the Ottawa Public Library, we support life-long literacy and learning. We look at tools and resources that go beyond our physical books to include options that range from a multitude of on-line resources and digital materials to the lending of musical instruments.

The Library’s Imagine Space offers even more scope for creativity and learning with tools that generally are not readily available to all:  3D printers, laser cutters, telescopes and Arduino kits, film and music editing programs and design softwares.

Most importantly, the Imagine Space offers a place to gather, a place to create with these unique resources, and a place to share ideas with others.


“Our creative capital is our most valuable asset today.”

Ambassador Rhonda King, Representative from St Vincent and the Grenadines to the United Nations

World Creativity and Innovation Week describes the world today as “volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous”. The organization endorses and celebrates humanity’s creative spirit as the solution the world needs. When a Library offers a makerspace, it offers another small tool towards this creative vision. Staff may guide and facilitate, but it is the patron’s exploration of creative ideas that really shines in a Library makerspace.

The Ottawa Public Library’s Imagine Space offers a unique resource for our community with the hands-on opportunity to expand skill-sets, experiment and create.