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You Must be Joking?

Dog wearing glasses

May 04, 2020

“Laughter is the best medicine” - Multiple sources

Sick of all the Covid news? Are you struggling to find some humour? Here are a few suggestions to brighten your day and work out your abs. Giggles guaranteed!

Start by warming up with a National Film Board animated cartoon. Too many choices? Try this Oscar-nominated classic, which garnered over 15 awards: The Cat Came Back

Keep going with a few “Just for Laughs” gags, and marvel at our collective gullibility. If you are lucky, you might recognize a participant, as most of the segments were shot in Montreal. These side-splitting shorts are available on Facebook and Youtube.

Then top it all off with a few hilarious stand-up comedians from our Hoopla collection. You can choose between two formats of full-length shows: Video  and  Audio.

After all the laughing, if you are ready to share the joy, develop your joke repertoire and revel in your audience’s inevitable eye-rolling and sighs, with The Best “A Man Walks into a Bar” jokes or the Reader’s Digest joke collection.

Not quite done getting your funny bone tickled?

  • Cuddle up with a funny book from our eCollection
  • Learn how to speak like a pirate with our online language learning resource Mango
  • Rediscover classic comedies on Kanopy
  • Or listen to iHeart Comedy radio

Just keep in mind... laughter is contagious!

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Blog post contributed by Marie Anick from our St Laurent branch.