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You Spin Me Right Round

Apr 19, 2020

Do you love tops and spinners? Why not make your own CD spinner with some recycled material! This is an awesome craft that is easy to make and works incredibly well. As a follow-up, this might be a good segue into a science discussion on friction or the illusion of a single colour from a mixture of other colours.

Here is what you’ll need:

  • CD

  • Paper cut in a circle

  • Water or pop bottle cap

  • Marble

First, trace a circle in paper the size of your CD or a little smaller and colour it. You can use whichever pattern you want. Cut out your circle and glue it to the CD. I like to glue it to the shiny side. I used a glue stick which worked fine.

With a glue gun, glue the bottle top to the centre of the paper and glue a marble in the hole on the bottom of the CD. I like to use a medium size marble, as I find it sticks best to the CD. And voilà, you have a CD spinner!

Now turn the cap to spin your top. Measure how long you can keep your CD spinner spinning!

If you loved this craft, there are some other great science project ideas in these books:

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Or try these fun chapter books:

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For a fun movie experience for the whole family, Mr. Hublot is a wonderful animated short film set in a steampunk world. You can access the film through the Ottawa Public Library's database Kanopy Kids.

Keep spinning!

Blog post contributed by Lise from our Main branch