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Your OPL Digital Book Club Picks for October

Sep 30, 2020

Now that fall is truly upon us it’s the time to reflect and be thankful for what we have at this season of turning leaves, spookiness and harvest.  Some people start fresh in winter during new year celebrations and some in the spring but for many the fall and the start of the school year is a time to renew.  This year it will be more difficult for many, considering all that’s taking place in the world, but usually there is something to be thankful for. This month why not celebrate the season, regroup and remember what you have to be thankful for by virtually gathering with friends or family to discuss one of OPLs “Always Available” digital titles. This collection is perfect for book clubs because many people can download or stream the title at once. 

One “Always Available” title that might fit the bill this fall is On Brassard’s Farm by Daniel Hecht. In a radical departure from the path that seemed destined for her, Ann Turner buys a piece of remote Vermont forest land. She hopes she can escape an unending string of personal disasters in Boston and gain clarity living simply and in sync with nature on her land and while working on Brassard’s farm.  She comes to make deep personal connections and begins to understand the power of gratitude and love.

Now, if curling up with a mysterious tale is the way you like to celebrate fall, we also have a lot of great suggestions! If you’ve never read The Hound of The Baskervilles, perhaps the most beloved Sherlock Holmes mystery, now is the perfect time to pick up this moody and atmospheric story of murder and a terrifying supernatural hound haunting the moors. Or, for those who don’t like to be scared, perhaps the much less creepy, very cozy Father Brown mysteries by G.K. Chesterton. Check out our list of always available spooky tales, grab your favourite hot drink and enjoy.    Always Available Spooky Stories from the Duke Classics collection

Cheers to starting fresh and remembering all there is to be thankful for. 

Suggestions and Resources for a successful online Book Club  

In order to have your Book Club take place online you can try creating Facebook groups, or using various social media channels to discuss books.  Or you could try meeting live via online video conferencing tools. The following tools are free: 

  • Google hangouts provides free video/chat/voice conferencing and does not have a time limit 
  • Jitsi is a free open source video conferencing tool 

Finding eBooks and eAudiobooks for your Book Club 

Contact OPLs InfoService 613-580-2940 if you need help accessing these titles and resources 

Hosting and Discussions 

If you would like discussion questions for your book, here is a list of 40 Great Book Club Discussion Questions from Book Riot.  They work for any book. 

Here are some great tips about how to host an online book club from Bustle Magazine: 10 Tips For Hosting A Digital Book Club 

Enjoy your Book Club – online or off!