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Book Launch of Misfit by Andreas Souvaliotis

Book cover of Misfit

Ottawa Public Library, Library and Archives Canada, and the Ottawa International Writers Festival invite you to the launch of Misfit: Autistic. Gay. Immigrant. Changemaker. by Andrea Souvaliotis.


Andreas Souvaliotis was raised at a time when being on the autism spectrum wasn't easily diagnosed or even discussed. Minds like his were simply considered odd. He also knew from an early age that he was gay, and it terrified him as he was growing up with openly homophobic parents in one of Europe's least tolerant societies.


Andreas's differences made him an outsider, right through to his mid-forties. And then suddenly, everything changed. Misfit is the extraordinary memoir of a man who realized there was strength in his strangeness, that it could be used as a force for good. This inspiring story shows us that everyone has what it takes to trigger positive change, and that none of us should see our differences and quirks as handicaps.


Andreas Souvaliotis is a successful social entrepreneur and creator of the popular Carrot Rewards health and wellness app.


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